About Norendal International

    Norendal International offer a range of services:

  • management consulting,
  • audit/review and
  • project management
  • We are also used to coach individuals/groups and to
  • give independent second opinions.
  • Norendal International was founded in 1998 when Mr. Svenn Norendal, the founder and principal consultant, moved from Sweden to the Lake District.

    Mr Norendal has 30 years of professional experiences of Security and 20 years of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Security at Swedish Telecom, Ericsson and Norendal International.

    Mr Norendal is a certified CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and holds a diploma in Project Management (University College Karlskrona Ronneby).

    Since May 2002 our services has expanded into software products.

    The product range is named the SBA Method available at: www.thesbamethod.com.

    The products:

    Mr S Norendal has participated in the development, the testing and developed the use of the SBA Method since 1983.

    Our business name is after the founder. The arrow indicates there is always a way forward, and to improve, let us find that way together.

    We only do things we believe in. This means that our customer will get what they need. The philosophy is based on what we believe: high competence, listening organization and responsibility.

Facts about Norendal International

    Founded 1998.

    2 partners, Mr S Norendal and Mrs A Norendal.

    Offices in Cockermouth and Sweden.

    Languages: English and Swedish.

    Our past and present customers are located worldwide: UK, Sweden, US, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Spain etc. Representing various sectors: Pharmaceutical, Airlines, Insurance, Consulting, Pension Insurance Fund etc.

    Our business idea: Our knowledge, determination and commitment are used to improve your business bottom line..

    High competence, good listener, commitment and a service and a solution adapted to the customers need are our competitive advantages.

    Our vision: Satisfied customers returning and recommending our services.


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